Synergy among Agriculture, Rural life and Technology: A Vibrant India Story

More than 50% of the Indian population depends on farming and agriculture is a way of life here. Agriculture/Forestry/Aquaculture combined together contributes 13% of the National GDP Uplifting rural population will go a long way for our sustained growth story. With the rapid growth of telecom and internet, an Indian farmer is more informed than ever before. He has a wide range of tools available for making choices related to his farm inputs, needs and proceeds. Industries are sweating it out to capture the untamed potential of rural market starting from FMG to banking services. At the core remains the most important input “the seed” which increases crop productivity. Biotech assisted technologies are changing the agricultural scenario, faster development of high yielding varieties with improved traits. Our country has become self reliant in her food and feed needs. Early identification, development and adoption of modern technologies, be it in agricultural biotechnologies, conventional breeding, telecommunication, IT-services, commodity markets (e-commerce), agricultural knowledge hubs, agricultural engineering, Indigenous technologies, rural folklores, micro-finance and rural banking (internet banking) will pave way for increasing rural income.

What do you think will be the modern/emerging technologies that will change livelihood of our rural masses ? What will be next blockbuster which will bring another round of agriculture (green) revolution ? And how do we close the gap of distrust associated with the adoption of any  novel technologies  while continuing to protect our biodiversity and our traditional way of rural ecosystem.

Published by anjanbio

Agricultural scientist by profession, who has many other interests in life. Travelling, photography, philately, reading, music and sports. Want to live free and spread the message across the globe for a fulfilling and meaningful life for everybody.

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