Fair Play

Sudden rise of unpredictable events happening around us (this year alone) are going to effect our life, in ways that we still don’t know or cannot comprehend completely. Brexit, demonetisation in India, US elections, raging war in the middle east to name a few. We still need to wait and watch before jumping on to conclusions. Pessimists are as usual crying that world order will collapse. We are moving on to a unknown territory beyond our comfort zone. Per-haves, like disruptive technologies, these changing events will be the new norm.

At the core remains, one important theme, FAIR PLAY. Why this is important ? Accordingly, to a Credit Suisse report, top 1% of the world population owns more than 50% of total wealth while, in India this figure goes up to 58%. Unequal wealth distribution breeds social unrest. People want change. What these events are going to do (hopefully!!), is to create a common ground (order) for all of us  to grow and prosper.  Pundits will cry and label these events as anti-capitalist. However, this is not true. Capitalism bring competitions and survival of fittest prevails.  At times, MONOPOLY happens which, prevent entry of new players. These decisions may end MONOPOLY in someways or atleast change the rules of the game. And this is important. GLOCAL (Think global do local) is the new mantra. We have to behave like global citizens. Focus is on FAIR not necessarily FREE trade. Because FREE trade can do more harm than good over a long time, particularly to some industries and drive away enthusiasm among younger generation. Such important world events will also mitigate several policy lapses/ decisions taken in the past which, have not entirely gone right. This time however, there seems to be a strong desire to rectify past mistakes. For social good…. society remains the fabric of human existence and therefore, FAIR policy decisions taken by new leaders are going to do good for all of us. There is no need to panic. In long run for our own good, such policy decision will help us create a new world order where, smart work will be given a due credit.

Published by anjanbio

Agricultural scientist by profession, who has many other interests in life. Travelling, photography, philately, reading, music and sports. Want to live free and spread the message across the globe for a fulfilling and meaningful life for everybody.

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