Savings is the new buzz word…

In today’s world, savings is a buzz word. However, the context has changed. Instead of saving money, saving is linked to the great varieties of discount on products available with e-commerce sites like that of amazon, flipkart, snapdeal and you name it, the list is growing day by day . That’s another thing, whether you really, really need that great stuff at 90% off !!. Greed is good… indeed. Greed power economies, turns the growth cycle northwards and creates jobs. We are witnessing a transition from savers economy to spenders economy.  In the name of globalisation, we are trying to copy the developed economies without understanding the long term effect and in our context seriously. We are so much focused on today, that we feel tomorrow will be some what take care of by itself. That tomorrow…we will of course need some form of divine intervention, but we would have crossed our limits and it will be too late to change course. In short term, such neo-saving mantra will make us feel good. However, the very fact that we are moving away from real saving mentality ( I mean real saving – not discounts wala saving) will prove to be disastrous in long term. This is bound to cause strain on our aspects of our social existence.

Thus, I feel we should be prudent to use e-commerce tools to plan and augment our real money saving mentality. There is no denying of the fact that such sites have given stiff competition to the very existence of the brick and mortar store and made our life simple. However, we must focus on real wealth creation and that is only possible, if we tread the path preached by our earlier generations…. thus old is gold…. and may be focus on that metallic gold… so, next time get some good offer on that gold bar, go for it 😉


Published by anjanbio

Agricultural scientist by profession, who has many other interests in life. Travelling, photography, philately, reading, music and sports. Want to live free and spread the message across the globe for a fulfilling and meaningful life for everybody.

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