Genome Editing: What is in the news this week ?

Just thought to share few news clips related to Genome Editing arena (all adapted, so not my opinion! readers discretion is advised).

(1) UK Parliamentary committee publishes report on genomics and genome editing

On genome editing, the report is interested in how the UK research environment compares to the situation elsewhere, and how this field is regulated nationally and internationally (in the context of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union). The report flags up the importance of distinguishing between germline genome editing (which results in heritable changes) and somatic genome editing (which does not), as well as various issues related to human embryo research (including how it is licensed and whether there is a case for reviewing the longstanding fourteen-day limit). The report notes that ‘our inquiry has been timely because advances in genomics and genome editing mean that both fields are now being used in our health service, because the 100,000 Genomes Project is approaching its original completion date, and because Brexit will significantly alter the opportunities and challenges in these emerging areas’.


(2) Gene Editing Improves Prostate Cancer Survival, Study in Mice Shows


(3) Cancer Research UK – 9 burning questions about CRISPR genome editing answered. Link:

(4)  A Big Business Opportunity!! Are we ready to capture this opportunity: Genome Editing Market to Reach USD 5.54 Billion by 2021: Driven by an Increasing Demand for Synthetic Genes & Rising Government Funding – Research and Markets.


Genome Editing Market to Reach $8.1 Billion by 2025 – Analysis By Technology, Delivery Method, Application, End-use & Segment – Research and Markets.

(5) FDA extends comment period for genome editing guidance.


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