Climate Change ?

We have heard about climate change many a times and we think it is just another rhetoric by few to stall our development. Today, I am wondering as I look  outside the lab window and bounty full rain is pouring in and it seems at last rain God, Indra, has smiled on our perched land. Unpredictability is now synonym with monsoon in our country. Numerous forecasts tend to fail to predict rainfall pattern. Though they truly predict the amount of rainfall we will achieve in the year! Erratic rainfall pattern is happening all along the way. See, this year, we had more than needed rainfall in many states, displacing more than 4.3 crore (43 million) people and rainfall was scanty in other parts. In my region, I was looking at the rainfall parameters a few months ago and was anxious to note that just 280mm rainfall, we had. Being from agriculture field, anxiety was normal as such pattern effects us all. Though for the past few days, we are experiencing good rainfall, and as of today, we have touched 600mm. This untimely rainfall though brings good prospects for a bounty full ravi crop, besides mitigating the scarcity of water for the rest of the year, but the damage to kharif crop has already occurred.  It is no brainer that half of our population depends on agriculture, though the contribution of this sector to national GDP has dropped to 14-15%. In the present scenario, crop struggled when there was no rain and then excess towards harvest brings no relief to farmers causing crop failures. On the optimistic side, I also see a lot of effort by people to do water harvesting program, and the national bodies are trying to merge/ unite rivers to mitigate the suffering farmers have faced through centuries of unpredictable vagaries of monsoon, in the years to come.  In the background, I quietly see the climate change spreading its evil wings, nature taking revenge, for all our reckless actions, be in form of pollution, increase human activities on existing resources, destroying ecologies in search of treasures, we call it subtly economic empowerment. We tend to forget the backlash which will take place for our misdeeds. We need to create sustainable environment and should tend to replenish vegetative cover, reduce pollution – move to cleaner and green energy and protect our environment, else what is happening, will tend to happen even more furiously in the years to come and threaten our own existence. If we see outside our country, how many unpredictable storms and cyclones are coming every year and flattening our livelihoods. It is high time we take note and action.

Published by anjanbio

Agricultural scientist by profession, who has many other interests in life. Travelling, photography, philately, reading, music and sports. Want to live free and spread the message across the globe for a fulfilling and meaningful life for everybody.

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