The marketing trick: We Indians fall for!

Discount, discount, discount ! and we all line up the stores (online stores too!) like bees. We all believe, we are getting a good bargain. Whether we need the product or not, we will still buy these stuff or tricked to do so. Let us not forget, we all belong to a thrift society. We value money, we save for the rainy days. Indian household saving is almost 26% annually. That is a healthy story till recently. Now, with westernisation, we are falling prey to free/cheap credit and tricks. Most sellers increase price and then offer a discount to increase their sales. Their pitch is highly lucrative. We end up paying the same retail price and mostly tricked to buy more. Shopping has suddenly become our obsession. At the end of the day, we stockpile many things, we may never use or, use a few times only. The discount trick is so popular that it works for every one of us, me too! It is just so tempting that even knowing whats true, we fall for. So, next time you hit the store, ask yourself, do i need this ? is the price reasonable (after discount) or even before discount ? Do i indeed need one for one/two/three, free of these ? and instead of making shopping a pastime, we can do more of a window shopping or simply avoid large malls and instead go for the small stores. Alternatively, we can make a list and buy what we need. I also feel credit card is to blame for a part of the discount story. We don’t understand the value of money till we settle the bill at the end of the month, when our salary is in. Just to realise the monster card has taken all of it. Purchase with cash, the old fashioned way. I know it is difficult to resist, but we must avoid such perils, if we want to live happily and with dignity- rain or shine. As the economist rightly said – Human wants are unlimited but to achieve those wants, resources (money) are limited!

Published by anjanbio

Agricultural scientist by profession, who has many other interests in life. Travelling, photography, philately, reading, music and sports. Want to live free and spread the message across the globe for a fulfilling and meaningful life for everybody.

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