About Myself and The Blog

Well you may say here comes another blogger with another blog. Hmmm.. this my blog for Happy Sapiens.

We all have (infinite) dreams (as I say this, the list is growing everyday, as our perception of our surroundings are rapidly evolving).

As we travel through the web of life (real with some virtual – our web presence being one) with dreamy eyes, our priorities/needs/goals/destinations/relationship, you name it, almost everything is evolving and mostly for all of us there seems the surge/need to join the eternal never-ending race.

But at the core we all want happiness and meaning to our life.

Are we here by chance ? or is there a more deeper meaning to our existence ? need to dig deeper in our conscience ? A google search reveals that more than 110 billion people lived before us. Do our existence really matter ? Have we ended up becoming just another number ( a bank account, credit card, customer number).

Please do contribute to my Happy Sapiens Blog.

The author is another common man who wants to live a simple contended life.  In the journey to reach his destination, he seeks the ultimate experiences that life has to offer.

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