Is Climate Change Even Real ?

Few months before I was attending a conference on smart agriculture with focus on climate change – climate resilient crops. Amidst of controversies laying around the climate change, this was timely. We have heard that few world leaders have called climate change a hoax. The earth’s atmosphere keeps cooling and heating over several centuries, asContinue reading “Is Climate Change Even Real ?”

Genome Editing: Future of Customised Medicine.

In the history of life sciences, never before such a great discovery has been made, which will potentially change the way, we deal with aspects of life sciences particularly in medicine, therapeutics, food and agriculture. CRISPR-Cas, the gene editing technology, has been described as the greatest transformative technology of the year 2015, in the prestigiousContinue reading “Genome Editing: Future of Customised Medicine.”

Savings is the new buzz word…

In today’s world, savings is a buzz word. However, the context has changed. Instead of saving money, saving is linked to the great varieties of discount on products available with e-commerce sites like that of amazon, flipkart, snapdeal and you name it, the list is growing day by day . That’s another thing, whether youContinue reading “Savings is the new buzz word…”

Synergy among Agriculture, Rural life and Technology: A Vibrant India Story

More than 50% of the Indian population depends on farming and agriculture is a way of life here. Agriculture/Forestry/Aquaculture combined together contributes 13% of the National GDP Uplifting rural population will go a long way for our sustained growth story. With the rapid growth of telecom and internet, an Indian farmer is more informed thanContinue reading “Synergy among Agriculture, Rural life and Technology: A Vibrant India Story”

Importance of having healthy thoughts.

You must have read many articles mentioning importance of having healthy food for our well being. Here, I am pitching in for healthy thoughts. Just like our body, our mind has to be fed with good thoughts. Otherwise mind is robbed of its unlimited potential and is replaced by superficial things like being eternal consumers.Continue reading “Importance of having healthy thoughts.”